Pile Protection Tops is the engineering technical name for these mostly disposable round grout forms, Also known in the industry as "cans", "sleeves" or "tins." 

They are a valuable, must have tool for finishing piles above grade. Plus, they drastically cut down contamination as installers work to finish setting cages and center reinforcing bar.  


Although commonly used in auger-cast piles, our cans are also useful in micropiles, helical piles, grout reservoirs, and other applications.  

Stock Sizes* (18" Tall):
12" Diameter, 360/skid
14" Diameter, 360/skid
16" Diameter, 300/skid
18" Diameter, 250/skid
20" Diameter, 280/skid
24" Diameter, 200/skid
*any desired quantity may be ordered

Same day shipping on most stock size orders.

Custom tops can be made up to 36" in diameter and
up to 60" tall in most sizes. Please call for pricing and production time for non-stock sizes.

We only use 26 gauge galvanized steel for our tops which feature an integrated closed hem for safety and stability.

Contact Us For Pricing

Never use paper tubes again!

Our galvanized steel tops can be shipped on flat beds and stored outdoors with no damage from rain or humidity.

The nesting of tops within one assembled top will save you valuable storage space and shipping costs.

Tear off is fast and simple, simply hit inside seam and peel off.

Pre-cut lengths save time and minimize waste.

100% recyclable and made from approximately 30% of post consumer waste.

Raw bottom edge cuts nicely into soil for easy depth setting. Turn outs can quickly made for non-sinking needs.