Plastic Centralizer

Plastic Centralizer

Metal Centralizer

Metal Centralizer



PPT's patented "OS2" centralizer is incredibly simple in design, easy to install and very price competitive.
Available in both Plastic and Carbon Steel models, these footballs can be customized to your job specs.

Plastic Centralizers

This innovative two piece snap-together design assembles in less than five seconds, cutting your on-site labor, storage and shipping costs drastically! Made from super strong (PC-ASB) plastic and conforms to ASTM-D 4101. Made in the USA with recycled plastic. (Patented # 9,249,575)

Our introductory sizes are available in an 11” OD and 15” OD and should cover most common sizes of auger cast piles and drilled shafts, plus fitting through most cages if needed. It’s thinner profile slips through quickly setting grout with ease.

This Open Sided or Offset design falls into place quickly on your single reinforcing bar or threaded rod. It is engineered for a #7 (22mm) to #11 (36mm) bar with only a 1/4” (.0625cm) of off center variance.

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Metal Centralizers

The OPEN SIDED or OFF SET design falls into place very quickly on your single reinforcing bar or threaded rod, whether hanging vertically or laying horizontally. Each "OS2" comes with two integrated 8" wire ties ready for fastening in seconds. NO more fumbling rolls of wire or cutting every few minutes, thus saving valuable job site time and money!

Made from carbon steel, these centralizers are sturdy and will not crack or break in extreme cold weather. If coatings are specified, please call for pricing and production time. Custom sizes can be produced very quickly if needed.

Now available with a galvanized, non-corrosive coating.


Centralizers for Beams

“OP3” or “Option 3” has evolved from a customer’s simple question – “How would you center an H, I or W
beam within a vertical shaft?”

With this system, arms that are bent/broke at the correct angle allow HD wheels to set flush to the shaft walls, greatly eliminating contamination in uncased shafts. See attached flyer for more info.

Also consider our solution for attaching boots to beams (image 3 below).

H-W  Beam Centralizers.jpg